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BEST Isparta

BEST has been continuing studies under the name of "Uluslararası Mühendislik ve Teknoloji Öğrencileri" since 2013 under the Sağlık Kültür ve Spor Daire Başkanlığı. The name of our club is known by our university as the Uluslararası Mühendislik ve Teknoloji Öğrencileri Topluluğu. BEST Isparta, one of the 93 local BEST groups, aims to appeal to all students of our university with the events it organizes. BEST aims to strengthen the ties in the company-student-university triangle by bringing SDU students participating in Isparta together with companies. BEST Isparta, which organizes regular events every year, establishes partnerships with companies and provides them the opportunity to meet students from SDU and from Europe who are guests of our country. In addition, BEST Isparta aims to complete the university element, which is the last stage of the triangle, together with our valuable academicians who were among us in the training, session and official ceremonies in these events. Working with an anti-hierarchical system, BEST Isparta members make a significant contribution to BEST's mission of "Developing Students" while working in an environment of friendship and friendship.

BEST – Board of European Students of Technology

BEST is a non-profit, apolitical and voluntary international student community founded in 1989.

It is a large student community consisting of young people who are curious about innovations, researching and learning with 34 different countries and 93 Local BEST groups.



The aim of BEST is to enable European technology students to reach a more international mindset, to better understand European cultures and to increase their capacity to work in international platforms. For this purpose, BEST creates opportunities for students from different countries to meet and work together through activities such as academic events, education symposiums and engineering competitions. It also provides career support to students through activities such as international career support and career days.

BEST's top priority is to provide high quality services to students from all over Europe. While providing this, it brings together the "student - university - company" trio called the BEST triangle in all its activities.


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