Our Events

EBEC ISPARTA (European BEST Engineering Competition Isparta)

The European BEST Engineering Competition, where 85 universities across Europe held their local legs; As BEST Isparta at Süleyman Demirel University, we have been doing it successfully for 5 years. The competition consists of two main categories: team design and case study. There are at least 4 teams in both categories, with teams of 4 people each. The winners of the competition compete in the same concept to go to the next stage, EBEC Turkey and EBEC Final. Online EBEC took place for the first time in 2021.

HoBI (Hackathon of BEST Isparta)

Hackathon is an event where people who are interested in a common subject come together and try to produce a new product on the given topic in a limited time. In line with the importance it attaches to innovation, BEST Isparta organizes the BEST Isparta Hackathon in order to give the chance to turn their ideas into products in a short time for software developers, designers and entrepreneurs who focus on producing projects.
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Abroad Opportunities Seminar

The Overseas Opportunities Seminar is an event held with the participation of Foreign Education Companies and Language Schools, which are experts and pioneers in their field, where companies share their comprehensive information with their presentations and communicate with students one-on-one at the stands they open. With the YFS event, we aim to make BEST more recognized in our university, to introduce BEST Courses, one of BEST's services, to convey the opportunities offered by BEST more effectively, and to provide information about education abroad. 

MW (Motivation Weekend)

We organize our motivation weekend event, which we aim to show our new members to the BEST Isparta family, what kind of community BEST Isparta is and the spirit of BEST, on a weekend that is usually planned after our meeting. In our event, we make presentations and various trainings about BEST and BEST Isparta; We aim to have fun playing BEST games and create a friendly atmosphere in BEST Isparta.

LGA (Local General Assembly)

It is a general assembly meeting where we talk and discuss, express our opinions on the subject, present the motions and department reports and pass the vote in order to improve and improve the functioning of BEST Isparta. In LGA, which is held twice a year, as winter Local General Assembly (wLGA) and summer Local General Assembly (sLGA), we define a concept and make preparations according to this concept in order to have fun during the presentations. While developing BEST Isparta, we also leave good memories for ourselves.

BEST Courses

BEST Courses is one of BEST's external events. In these events, participants attend lectures/trainings given by university lecturers or company officials. At the end of the course, students take an exam designed to assess the success of the participants.

RM (Regional Meeting)

Regional Meetings are internal meetings in BEST's 11 regions, organized by each region under the leadership of regional consultants, and held twice a year in the spring and autumn terms. In the Regional Meeting, besides the preparation of the GA (General Assembly) or PM (President Meeting) delegates for the general assembly, many sessions, trainings and workshops are held where the regions discuss the issues about BEST. It is a great opportunity for BEST members to mingle with each other in regional meetings, and for our members to get to know and learn about international BEST.

BCD Isparta  (BEST Isparta Career Day)

BEST Isparta Career Day (BEST Isparta Career Days); Our university aims to enable our students to combine the theoretical knowledge they have acquired with real life, turn them into practice, set targets for the sectors they want to progress in line with the professions they study and develop themselves in that direction, get to know the business world better and improve their communication skills. Students come together with the officials of institutions in different private sectors and learn about their experiences and knowledge in business life. It also benefits from job or internship opportunities by getting the chance to communicate one-on-one.


Anniversary is the event where we gather in the second week of the year and celebrate the anniversary. aralık ayının ikinci haftasında All members of the BEST Isparta family come together for the Anniversary. Our primary goal is for everyone to have fun in this event where we sing and dance together.

EBEC Turkey

Local EBEC: The first stage, the local EBEC engineering competition, is organized by 5 local BEST groups in Turkey among engineering students of their own universities. The aim of the competition is to measure the students' ability to produce innovative, realistic and logical solutions to a problem within the given time. The language of the competition is entirely in English and this competition consists of two main categories: team design and case analysis. The winners of these categories are entitled to participate in the national leg of the competition across Turkey. National EBEC: The winners of the local competitions participate in the national competitions held in 10 regions, with 57 local and more than 750 participants. These competitions identify the best engineering students who will go to the European final.

HBEC (Highschool BEST Engineering Competition)

It is an engineering competition organized by BEST Isparta between high schools. Thanks to the HBEC, which was formed with the participation of high schools in Isparta, it is aimed to develop the engineering skills of high school students and increase their interest. It consists of two stages, including Team Design and Case Analysis categories. In accordance with the high school curriculum, they are asked to produce solutions to the problems given to them within a certain period of time.

Visting the Factories

With the technical trips it organizes, BEST Isparta aims to enable Süleyman Demirel University students to see the position of their vocational education in various sectors, to have the opportunity to examine the forms applied in practice, and to have an idea about the business methods in these sectors.

HoI (Highlanders of Isparta)

It is a camp activity organized with the participation of 5 Local BEST Groups in Turkey to increase national cooperation, increase the motivation of our members, enable them to discover new places, integrate with nature and have fun. In addition to sports activities such as trekking, swimming and volleyball, BEST-specific games are also played in the hall.


BESTalks, the experience, knowledge and experience of experts in the field; It is one of our activities where we provide information transfer to the participating students by getting answers to the questions we posed. In this activity, we provide our students with the opportunity to learn and solve the difficulties they will experience in their future business life.
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