International Events

MarkeTeam Winter Meeting ’16 Isparta

BEST Isparta as between 6-13 February. Our guests from 6 different countries of Europe, we are hosting our event called MarkeTeam Winter Meeting ’16 Isparta. The purpose of this meeting, in the BEST sense of the international team working in public relations and marketing fields to bring together and share information also has been working on development projects.

South-East Regional Meeting Isparta

BEST located in 11 regions of the "Southeast Region" is realized by our regional meetings. A year in the fall and spring, before the President meeting and the General Meeting, aims to prepare the representatives of the Local BEST Group in these meetings, consolidating the information on BEST members to awaken the International Participation consciousness. From different countries to teach while having fun by bringing together individuals from a variety of activities that BEST group and a cultural change. Two days in Isparta, including three days in Antalya lasted, a total of 5 days, it was carried out with the participation of the most experienced up to 60 students from the best of the new.

Board Autumn Meeting ’14 Isparta

Autumn months is the BEST of the Board of Directors met, the decision whether the situation analysis is an activity a week. 5 different countries. 6 took place with participants. providing environment for meeting the 6 people from this event were welcomed in the best way possible. After completing their daily training assignments evening of fatigue. This is the most important event from observer status that allows us to distinguish for becoming an official member of BEST.