For EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition

BEST Isparta

BEST Isparta was established within SDU Head Department of Health Culture and Sports in 2013. Our community known to our university as International Engineering and Technology Students Community. Being one of the 96 local BEST groups, BEST Isparta is organising events to appeal to all of our university's students since the day it established. BEST Isparta who has active members over 40 and becoming more professional each day working to bring SDU students and companies together for improving bonds of student- companies - university triangle. For that purpose BEST Isparta every year organises various events and sets up partnerships so companies can meet SDU students and all students who come as guests to our country from all around Europe. Also with sessions, education and official ceremonies in this events, BEST Isparta finishes this triangle with our dear academicians who be involved with us. Within the year BEST Isparta provides opportunity of going another BEST groups' activities to our students and by doing so it contributes significantly to BEST's vision which is "Developing Students". Working with anti hierarchy system, BEST Isparta members improves themselves with trainings while having a friendship environment.


  • Suleyman Demirel Universitesi - Doğu Kampusu Kulupler Sokagi, BEST Isparta Topluluk Odasi no: 30 Isparta